DWFC is the first women football club named ‘Diya’ which aim is to bring light in the life of Girls and women’s of Pakistan. We are affiliated with Pakistan Football Federation and play our home games at the Community Ground Clifton. The club compete in three PFF recognized Championship, the National Women Championship Under-16, the National Women Championship Under-19, the National Women Championship open age and besides this the club compete in All Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Islamabad, LUMS Festive Lahore, Total Football Islamabad, Tournament, Inter-District Tournament, Sand Football Tournament, Youth World Cup and other privates tournament.

Started in 2002 and recognized by Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) in 2006, Diya Women Football Club (DWFC) is the first football club for women in Pakistan. It’s Founder and General Secretary, Sadia Sheikh, is the country’s only FIFA certified National Football Administrator and First Women certified Match Commissioner of Pakistan from Asian Football Confederation.

DWFC aims to popularize football amongst the girls of Karachi as well as the rest of Sindh and Pakistan. Within Sindh, it has already spread the game to Tharparkar, Baluchistan, Mirpurkhas, Jamshoro and Kashmir. The Club’s mission is to help create an environment where Pakistani women footballers can flourish and showcase their talent. It aims to tap the talent at a young age so that they have a chance to grow.

The Club has participated in the National Championships since the first one was held in Lahore in 2005. It has placed in the top four, four times: runner up (2009, 2011); third place (2007) and fourth place (2014). In 2007, it undertook a number of International tours to Sri Lanka, Jordan and Malaysia, playing against the local teams and winning some matches. In 2008, it was runners up in the PFF Inter Club Women Championships. In 2012, it won the All Pakistan NBP Inter Club Women Football Championships. In June 2015, DWFC members represented the Sindh Team at the 1st Quaid-e-Azam Interprovincial Sports Festival being held by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) in Islamabad and DWFC Head Coach Ms. Rukhsar Rashid were selected to coach the Sindh Team. In 2017, DWFC members represented the Sindh Team at the 2nd Quaid-e-Azam Interprovincial Sports Festival being held by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) in Islamabad and DWFC Head Coach Ms. Rukhsar Rashid were selected to coach the Sindh Team and the Team won the Bronze.

A number of former and current Pakistan internationals including Marium Leghari, Mehwish Khan, Sarah Barkatullah, Nadia Siraj, Faryal Shah, Hina Javed, Fatima Ansari, Humaira Rajput, Marium Zehri (U-16), Shumaila (U-16), Zunaira Shah (U-16) and Rukhsar Rashid as well as Pakistan’s current captain, Hajra Khan have played for DWFC. Additional players including Ayesha Mahfooz, Kiran Karim, Uroosa Nawaz, Aliya Jalka, Rabia Jawad (U-16), Ameerah Haq(U-16), Fatima Faizan (U-16), Sarah Ladiwala (U-16) Iffat Batool, Sarah Shah, Kiran Ali and Erum Kazmi attended Pakistan Camp for the 3rd SAFF Championships in 2014 and 2nd U-16 SAFF Championship 2018.

In 2006, BBC made a documentary on DWFC and the work it has been doing to promote the game within the province. In 2011, UNICEF also made a documentary of the Club and many other non profit organisations like I AM KARACHI, POND’s Miracle Journey, Girl Power Organisation of Denmark, Alma Culture Center Norway, RIGHT TO PLAY, Women Win, U.S Embassy, in collaboration with all these amazing organisation has done several projects towards the Women Empowerment.

In 2017, DWFC took the responsibility of the Street Children and working on them through team building, positive attitude, passion, sportsmanship, leadership, fun, filling basic requirements and a environment where they feel appreciated and think about their positive career.

Over the years DWFC has organized many open age and youth football tournaments. In 2018 DWFC team took Tharparkar under the umbrella and gave the football training to the girls of Tharparkar village and trained the coaches over there. In December 2018 DWFC organized “1st DWFC All Sindh Girls U-13 Football Tournament At Tharparkar 2018’ where Tharparkar girls team secured the First Position and Karachi Team secured 2nd Position. As DWFC Founder promised she selected two talented girls from Tharparkar Ms. Devi and Ms. Jamna and took them to an International Youth Football largest World Cup “Gothia Cup China” in 2019.

In 2006 DWFC extended the exposure from local tournaments to International Level and for the first time in Pakistan first women football team travelled to Malaysia followed to Sri Lanka for friendly football matches. In 2017 DWFC participated in the category of G-13 in the Youth Football World Cup ‘Gothia Cup China’. In 2017 DWFC participated in category of G-14 in the world’s largest football tournament ‘Norway Cup’ Oslo. After the successful participation in 2017, In 2018 DWFC took part in the ‘Gothia Cup China’ again with the category of G-12 and B-12 and represented the Pakistan Culture in the Grand Opening Ceremony, Inciya Raza a key player of the team was selected for the Oath Ceremony. In 2019 DWFC continued their striving to give the International exposure to the team and took the G-16 team to Turkey for friendly football matches at the same time the Captain of DWFC Rukhsar Rashid got selected for “8th International Futsal Coaching Course in San Donato Milanese, Italy June 2019. In September 2019 She got selected from RIGHT TO PLAY, Women Win and U.S Embassy for Pakistan U.S. Exchange Program: Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Sport, September 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. 

Diya WFC club Captain Ms. Rukhsar Rashid have founded “South Youth Soccer Academy” in 2015 to work on both genders. Diya WFC and South Youth Soccer Academy is working collaboratively on grass root level for ages 3 – 14.

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