The project took place from April 15th to July 15th 2018. Diya team leading by the Captain Ms Rukhsar Rashid and the Founder Ms.Sadia Sheikh, visited Tharpakar no of times to make this an historical event.The Coaches were trained before the children. Then a combined practice for both Coaches and players were held. Aside this workshop on health and hygiene were given to the mothers and elders of the nearby villages. The girls seem shy first but being with female mentors made them comfortable.

Open trials to select 40 girls from 5 schools to participate in the upcoming tournament in June were held today. The trials were conducted by Diya Women’s Football Club and witnessed by members of the SECMC Community including management. A purpose built ground was used with goal posts donated by the Right to Play project. All selected girls were provided with t-shirts, pajamas and socks. Before the tournament each girl with be provided with a complete uniform: t-shirts, pajamas, socks, shoes and shin guards.

The girls were selected according to school and uniforms were given according to their school colours. This was the second step in Tharpakar diaries.


The First Tharpakar Inter-School Girls’ Football Tournament was held at Mansingh Bheel School. Held on a single league basis, the Tournament brought together 5 schools from the area.
First position was won by Jidodars and Thario.
Second position was won by Aban Jo Tar.
Third position was won by Mansingh Bheel.
Fair play was won by Kharo Jani.

The best part of the Tournament was the massive development not only of the sport but also of the community’s changing mindset. The mothers and fathers were delighted to watch their daughters perform in front of a crowd of 200 spectators from the nearby villages. They broke all norms and in the history of the region and not only came together to witness a live match but interestingly these parents belonging to five different villages got together at one village just to watch their daughter play. The elders of the villages appreciated these young performers wholeheartedly. 
Aside from the distribution of playing kits, the players were also given medals, trophies, certificates, water bottles, shoes, kit bag, football and cash prizes. The tournament also featured women referees.

DWFC thanks Right to Play and Women Win for their tremendous support in organising this historical event.